The Facts

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Michael Tolbert possesses experience, honesty and integrity.

Michael Tolbert currently serves as Chairman of the Smith County Democratic Party.

Michael Tolbert was elected by the members of the County Executive Committee on November 17, 2016, upon the resignation of previous County Chairwoman Shirley Falzone following the 2016 General Election. His election at that meeting was unanimous.

Michael Tolbert was re-elected in the 2018 Primary with almost 5,000 Smith County Democrats voting in that election.

Michael Tolbert has filed the voluntary Code of Fair Campaign Practices and fully adheres to its principles of decency, honesty, and fair play in both letter and spirit. His opponent has not filed such document. A copy of the document filed can be found here:

Michael Tolbert has reported all income and expenditures related to his campaign as required by the Texas Ethics Commission, stating completely the source of all funds and for what purpose they were spent. His opponent has not filed a complete report.

Michael Tolbert is consistently professional and respectful as he works with others and follows the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party, Robert’s Rules of Order, and the Texas Election Code.

Michael Tolbert earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Missouri University of Science & Technology with a major in Engineering Management and a minor in Communications. He also received a Paralegal Degree from Tyler Junior College.

Michael Tolbert’s background in the manufacturing industry gives a comprehensive appreciation for the balance between jobs, economic development and commerce.

Michael Tolbert is a proud parent of his 12-year old son and an advocate for strong families.

Michael Tolbert previously served as Chairman of the Texas Chapter of the National Parents Organization and Chairman of the Northeast Texas Disproportionality Advisory Board.

Michael Tolbert formerly served on the Board of Directors for the East Texas State Fair and Tyler Day Nursery.

Michael Tolbert is seeking re-election as Chairman of the Smith County Democratic Party on a platform of Experience, Honesty, and Integrity.  The Tolbert Campaign welcomes you to join the Campaign to Re-elect Michael Tolbert. EARLY voting begins February 18th and continues through February 28th. Election Day is Tuesday, March 3. Visit for more information or visit The Tolbert Report on Facebook.

Michael Tolbert has been endorsed by the Tyler Organization of Men and the Ebony News Journal in his campaign for re-election as Smith County Democratic Chair.

Michael Tolbert is a candidate that you can count on, and he is worthy of your vote!  VOTE Michael Tolbert for Democratic County Chair!